Remote collaborative work is very important in education in all human activities. The results of interactivity and socialization in learning process are absolutely recommended. Besides being a necessary methodology to implement group work it is necessary as well to integrate tools and techniques to make the process efficient. Let us reflect about methods and techniques. 

Collaborative work Profile and tools (7m25)
Defining the profile of this activity, how to select members and necessary tools is important and useful.

Remote collaborative work tools (5m01)
Four important aspects: synchronise agendas, time zones, bandwidth available and communication tools.

Research conclusions by Prof. Natalia Morze

Presented by Prof. Rusudan Makhachashvili 

Cloud remote Collaborative work (8m36)
By prof. Paulo Pinto
Collaborative work in cloud environment as specific requirements that you should pay attention.

Mikogo - A screen share application

Expert´s opinion 

Remote collaborative work by Dr. Angela Pinto (8m55)
A professional experience reported by an international Pfizer trainer.

Remote Collaborative  Work in education  by Stefan Bedin
Swedish Scoolia platform Funder

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